Wind Quick Delivery

Fair quotes provided without delay. We're your Sea To Sky experts:

"If we can't provide you with the best service at a great price, we are happy to suggest alternatives."

Efficient, same-day transportation to Whistler & Squamish with optional – state of the art – refrigeration.

Better refrigerated logistics begins now. Email or call us today 604-815-0077.

We can provide our best prices in and around our primary service area of: Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Squamish and Whistler. Discounts available for regular weekly routes or when pick-ups / drop-offs are located near our existing route.

Our Delivery Van

Interior Cargo Length: 125 in.

Interior Cargo Width: 61 in.

Interior Standing Height: 69 in.

Cargo Volume: 304 cu. ft.

Payload: 4,266 lbs.

Gross Vehicle Weight Rating: 9,050 lbs.

Loading our versitile van

FYI Dimensions
Standard cardboard banana box20 in16 in10 in40 lbs1.85
Standard wooden pallet / skid 48 in40 in6 inn/an/a

Why choose Wind Quick?

  • Low overhead translates to reasonable pricing.
  • No fuel surcharge, pay the price you see plus 5% GST and that’s it!
  • Attentive owner-operated customer service.
  • No tail gait fees.
  • We will cover your goods in our care up to $4.41 per kilogram or a minimum included coverage of $1000 as a unique special incentive to provide customers with confidence when shipping smaller items of value.
  • Vehicles licensed and insured for commercial common carrier delivery.
  • No onerous requirements to measure, weigh and wrap skids prior to ordering pickup, ask about our volume based 'banana box pricing'.
  • No document requirements, bill of lading provided and completed by Wind Quick free of charge.
  • No premium charged for dead calls.
    • Redirects or if we are unable to pickup or drop-off as scheduled may result in a maximum charge of equivalent to the cost of the quoted delivery.
  • Empty crates can be picked up at or before the time of your next delivery from the same supplier. NO CHARGE! (advance notice required).
    • Careful counting and inventory management of your Avalon Dairy crates and bottles is included.
  • Residential delivery. NO ADDED CHARGE!
  • Ice cream or food items that must stay frozen rock solid? Dry ice fee is a flat $49 for as much as we need. This is an optional service recommended only for highly temperature sensitive frozen foods.
  • Our vehicle is super flexible, if you would like us to venture out of our usual area (anywhere in B.C.) please enquire about a quote.
  • All rates include temperature control targeted at 4°C. Lower temps or room temperature are also available upon request.
  • Flexible payment options to simplify your bookkeeping:
    • With account, payments are due Net 30. There is a 18% per annum finance charge on overdue accounts. Accounts over 60 days past due will loose access to services.
    • Payments on account can be made with an easy, secure credit card link or set up your preferred method of payment. Prompt billing and monthly statements are included.
    • Payments for first time or private customers are due before product may picked up.
    • If necessary, easily make advanced payments through secure online check out.
  • State of the art refrigeration, GPS location and temperature monitoring.
  • We do not facilitate cash on delivery or payment on delivery. Although (on request) you may monitor our trucks route or receive a phone call before we finalize delivery of your goods.

other services


Fresh Produce Delivery

We can purchase for you (and deliver) any mainstream organic or conventional produce the same day.

The price is cost plus 10% and the delivery fee from above that applies.
If you are unsatisfied, you have the option to refuse upon delivery. Minimum order is $275 or 6 items (cases).
dry ice

Dry Ice Available

If you are shipping ice cream or highly temperature sensitive frozen foods you may want to consider packing in dry ice. This is optional but will insure your sensitive frozen foods arrive rock solid.

$49.00 flat add on fee

Discount Ikea Richmond & Ikea Coquitlam Delivery Service

One time orders from major retailers (Ikea, Costco, Home Depot...). Same week delivery.

Due the awkward shapes, extended driver administration and waiting times we have set prices for orders from retailers.

Half load at $149
Fits inside 62" Length x 69" Width x 38" Height
or 123" Length x 35" Width x 75" Height
Full load at $299
Fits inside 123" Length x 69" Width x 75" Height
(Inside dimensions of our vertical's storage area)